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During ESO's first two years of activity the international market recognized the revolutionary price to performance ratio of our products.
For the first time an European made DJ mixer
at a convenient price, with a design that can come only from Italian minds and hands.


DJ  mixers
Following the latest market trends, 
ESO engineering team created 
a new full line of DJ consoles.

The 98 line offers to DJs some really outstanding improvements coming form the digital field.

ESO shape
ESO shape
Offers the Vinyl Touch® Pitch Lock revolutionary function. 
World unique in DJ mixers, Vinyl Touch Pitch Locker features an unbelivable 
digital real-time pitch stretching function. 
One finger, one touch, and now DJs can mix everything, always getting the original tone of the record, at all bpm!
ESOshape Vinyl Touch works both with turntables and CD-players (Technics, Gemini, Pioneer, Denon, etc.)*.
* (trademarks of their respective holders)

Bestell-Nr.               Preis
ESOshape6            1250.--

ESO fun ESO fun
is the ESOshape without Digital functions (Vinyl Touch) and is
the ideal console for professional DJs
who need to create their music in minimum space: 
5 stereo inputs on 2 channels, frequency killer tone controls for sound shaping and versatile phones circuitry, with PFL-Main mix switch.

Bestell-Nr.               Preis
ESOfun              499.--

ESO web ESO web
The ESO console with Digital Beatcounter: finally a real beatcounter, interfaced with the turntables or CD players you have, for a perfect sync. 
ESOweb Original Digital Beatcounter Modular can be fitted with its proper interfaces for most of hardware on the market (Technics, Gemini, Pioneer, Denon, etc.) and reaches a 1/10 beat precision. This way you never loose the sync with the time.

Bestell-Nr.               Preis
ESOweb              560.--

ESO T-mix
ESO T-mix
With its T-shape this original console allows the DJ to have in one-hand space all the controls for volume, x-fade, tone and effects, added to the turntable pitch control that will take the place in the "T" shape. 
An innovative solution, but already appreciated by the american DJs. 
ESO T-mix is completed with the exclusive
X-phaser effect stage, that creates, in manual or automatic modes, a sound shaping that is extremely creative for the DJ in combination with x-fade and frequency killers tone controls.

Bestell-Nr.               Preis
ESO-T-mix              555.--

ESO one ESO one
It looks pretty and nice, but don't be fooled, this little killer can easily blast the house with the flip of a switch.

Bestell-Nr.               Preis
ESOone MK 2              420.--

ESO hip ESO hip
The perfect choice for home and semi-pro users. Modular x-fader & versatile and professional channel modules for easy performance.
All channels are provided with beat indicator for supported jam action and perfect sync.
The two phones outputs are suitable for Stanton Vibemaster.

Bestell-Nr.               Preis
ESOhip MK 2              520.--

ESO plug ESO plug
The right solution for a small but complete DJ console in a standard rack size.

Bestell-Nr.               Preis
ESOplug              860.--

ESO pro ESO pro
The most complete traditional console in the standard 19" rack size.
Its wide surface allows real crazy-fast use without any risk of missing the right knob in a jungle panel.

Bestell-Nr.               Preis
ESOpro            1140.--

ESO verse ESO verse
A real universal performance console in an outstanding outlook.
If you need to control a party with DJ ad live band, if you don't want trouble recording through the console, if you seriously need to survey all monitors and effects from your rack mixer: well, get all in one package, and forget cascades of consoles or multiple choices.
A definitive universal approach for all the new mixed style configurations, with no limits for DJstuff + unplugged + techno + acid + ...

Bestell-Nr.               Preis
ESOverse            2680.--

ESO Vinyl Touch Interfaces
Bestell-Nr. / Order N°: AC 0002
Preis / Price: sFr. 65.--
ESO Beatcounter Interfaces
Bestell-Nr. / Order N°: AC 0001
Preis / Price: sFr. 65.--
power amps
ESO amps knob
Tools for 
pure listening pleasure

The ESO's power amps line is designed to deliver optimum performance with full safety of operation in every situation, from multimedia setups to home recording studios, in disco bars and live gigs.

ESO adds the fashion factor
to a first-rate technologic project

There is no more need to conceal the amp, the ESO revolutionary concept allows its full display.

The materials, from hi-end power elements up to the special knobs, are as precious as the listening experience you will get.


The most revolutionary of all ESO amps. 
A peculiar two monoliths structure, shaped to suit a AV configuration, acting as an hi-end monitor stand.
50W per channel, separate protection stages for each channel, MOSFET power transistors, pure class A at listening volume, special warm feel sound, emulating the character of electronic tubes.

Bestell-Nr.               Preis
A1M                         840.--

The smallest available size for the perfect rack setup of mobile DJs
200W per channel, separate protection stages for each channel, Speakon outputs in 1 rack unit only.

Bestell-Nr.               Preis
A2S                       1060.--

The biggest power amp in ESO line with a customized heat radiator and special design for knobs, ideal to create outstanding performance and outlook in club power racks. 
400W per channel, separate protection stages for each channel, Speakon outputs in 2 rack units.

Bestell-Nr.               Preis
A3L                       1580.--

All rights reserved.
ESO is a registered trademark of Necklace srl .  All the other appearing trademarks belong to their respective holders.
Necklace reserves the right to change prices and product specifications without prior notice.

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