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ESO web
The ESO console with
Digital Beatcounter

synchronization will be perfect as never before

Finally a real beatcounter, interfaced with the turntables or CD for a perfect sync

Most of the similar tools present on the market are first of all not interfaced with the hardware but they just hear the music: this way only some kind of sounds can be "counted" and with a big tolerance.
ESOweb Digital Beatcounter can be fitted with its proper interfaces for most of hardware on the market (Technics, Gemini, Pioneer, Denon, etc.)* and reaches a 1/10 beat precision.
This way you never loose the sync with the time.

* (trademarks of their respective holders)

ESO web:
Bestell-Nr. / Order N°: ESOweb

Preis / Price: sFr. 560.--

ESO Beatcounter Interface:
Bestell-Nr. / Order N°: AC 0001

Preis / Price: sFr. 65.--

ESO  web    -     The Original  DIGITAL  BEATCOUNTER   Modular
There are 3 different operating modes, 
all featuring an absolute precision, 
allowing accuracy of  "1.0" - "0,5" - "0,1"  bpm!
  1. BASIC MODE (bAS): standard beatcounter.

  2. The bpm (beats per minute) is entered simply by hitting the Beat key repeatedly, according to the rhythm of the music.
    The bpm is calculated and displayed after a chosen number of beats.
  3. DIRECT MODE (dir) accelerated beatcounter.

  4. Similar to Basic Mode, Direct Mode lets to calculate the bpm along as many beats as You need (no limit).
    So the estimated bpm gets closer to the music variations as longer as You continue to hit the Beat key.
  5. SYNCRO MODE (Syn) realtime synchroniser.

  6. The Syncro Mode is a powerful tool for synchronising tracks on DJ turntables and almost all pitchable CD players.
    Using special ESO Interfaces, The Original BEATCOUNTER MODULAR is connected to Your turntables or CD players in order to monitor physically their pitch setting.
ESO the Original Digital Beatcounter Modular
The Interfaces are extremely easy to install, while the synchronization will be perfect as never before.

ESO  web    -     INPUTS
ESO web_in_sel

ESO web_kill

  • 3 Music Input Channels
  • Simultaneously connect 3 turntables, 3 stereo lines (such as CD players) and a microphone
  • 3 Stereo Music Input Channels with RCA input connectors
  • Select phono / line inputs from front panel
  • Frequency Killer EQ on all 3 input channels

  • EQ is +24 / -9db at 70hz(shelf), 1khz (peak/dip) and 10khz (shelf)
  • 1 ¼ inch Balanced Mic Input with level control on Channel 1

ESO  web    -     OUTPUTS
  • 5 separate stereo outputs
  • Main Mix Output 1 is variable via rotary level control with Left/Right
  • Balanced and unbalanced RCA connectors
  • Monitor (Booth) Output is variable using rotary level control with unbalanced RCA connectors
  • Headphone 1 Output has unique "pan" to hear both PFL and Main output together
  • Headphone 2 Output also has PFL/Main pan
  • Tape out Output is fixed, with unbalanced RCA connectors
ESO web_master
ESO   web       -      OTHER   FEATURES
ESO web_meters
  • All Professional Grade Faders and rotary pots
  • Modular Crossfader on Inputs 2 & 3 (option 45mm)
  • Adjustable gain on all 3 input channels
  • Rotary pots for non-mix functions
  • Music channels all have Pre Fade Listen to "preview" audio
  • Twin 12 segment LED Multicolor Main Output Meters
  • Professional Grade Outboard Power Supply
  • Digital Beatcounter with Beat sphere, 4 digit display and select buttons

All rights reserved.
ESO is a registered trademark of Necklace srl .  All the other appearing trademarks belong to their respective holders.
Necklace reserves the right to change prices and product specifications without prior notice.

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